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Orca on the brain

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about that movie a lot lately,  “The Whale: The True Story of Luna” and so I tonight I went through my e-mail to see if I had anymore articles on Orca’s and guess what, I do. So in honor of Luna, I’ve decided to post those articles.

First up is an article on an amazing Orca entitled “One of a Kind: All-White Killer Whale Spotted” by Jeanna Bryner at LiveScience.

Next up are a couple of articles on two different trapped Orca’s. The articles are entitled “Orcas free after being trapped in ice in Quebec” over at the >Mother Nature Network and “Diver Frees Entangled Orca That Had Been Crying for Help” by Pete Thomas at >GrindTV.

This last article is  about both Orca’s and their neighbor the Shark’s. Who is on top of the food chain? If you want to find out the answer, then check out the video that goes along with article entitled “Orca Attacks Shark in Surf Zone as Beachgoes Watch in Awe“, also by Pete Thomas at GrindTV.


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