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Spring cleaning & turtles

Okay, so I did a little spring cleaning this weekend and one of my big projects was to change out the seasonal mantle from winter to spring and/or summer. So after looking what to put up there,  from both in the house and at a couple of  used shops, I decided to go with the turtle theme (they are after all, one of my favorite animals).

This first article about Missouri turtles and is entitled “The Sweet Shell of Success” by Matt Seek at Xplor magazine, is local and therefore courtesy of the Missouri Department of Conservation. These are some of the ones that I grew up loving as a kid in our local woods.

The next article, about turtles worldwide,  is in an issue of National Geographic from a couple of years ago entitled “Ancient Mariner” by Tim Appenzeller. One day I hope to be able to volunteer and help scientist monitor these amazing creatures.

Finally, I think what also encouraged me to write about turtles were a couple of success stories. One on Loggerheads and also one about Green Sea Turtle. The one article on Loggerheads is entitled “Loggerhead Sea Turtles May Get Protected Habitat” by the Center for Biological Diversity and the other article about Green Sea Turtles is entitled “Tracking Turtles” by Andy Soos at ENN.



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