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Here fishy, fishy

So after getting some supplies for the kids fish tonight and as I was going through my backpack, I came across this article about fish and how kids are attracted to them. The article is entitled A Conversation with Steven A. Farber or “The fish grab their interest. The teachers tell me that they don’t have attendance problems in the week we’re there” by Claudia Dreifus at the New York Times.

Meanwhile, I need to clean the fish tank before I go to bed. After all, I don’t want any of them sleeping with fish as it were.

Swimmingly away!


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Ice on a summer day

Okay, the weather all across this country has been a little strange so far this year.  While it’s been raining here for weeks now in St. Louis, up north Minneosta, they’ve had both 80 degree days and snow recently. Now I’m familiar with snow but when I saw this article entitled “Watch ice needles form as ice runs into Minnesota lakeshore (video)”  over at Pioneer Press, I have to say it was a little spooky. Check out the video from Medicine Lake in Minnesota.



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Hot! Hot! Hot!

So it looks like the sun’s getting a little excited for summer as well as this article “NASA Sees Giant Solar Wave Erupt from the Sun (Video)” talks about over at Yahoo! via

I also wanted to include another article and while not on the Sun, but rather the Earth, talks about a fact found in Bob Berman’s book, “The Sun’s Heartbeat and Other Stories from the Life of the Star that Powers Our Planet” on how the sun actually has an inner core.

This article talks about the inner core of the Earth and is entitled “Earth’s Core 1,000 Degrees Hotter than Expected” by Elizabeth Howell at LiveScience.


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Sunny days, just not on weekends

It seems like the last few weeks have consisted mostly of a couple of warm days in the beginning, followed by dreary days towards the middle and rain at the end (like today, for example). So for me, what I’ve been able to do is capture the sun in the latest book I’m reading entitled “The Sun’s Heartbeat and Other Stories from the Life of the Star that Powers Our Planet” by Bob Berman.

This so far has been a really easy read with lots of humor and tons of information about the sun. As I’ve said before, another book I highly recommend. In fact, since it seems like I’ve had a lot of great reading lately, I need to go to the Green Reading page and create some sort of library including call numbers and link.

So over the next week or two, that’s what I’m going to do. In fact, I just added a few right now (but no call numbers or links just yet). I hope you enjoy!

Sunny days!


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