400 and counting

One subject to me that I’ve never been clear about is climate change or as it was known previously, global warming. That however was until  just recently when Bob Berman helped paint a clearer picture of it for me in his book “The Sun’s Heartbeat and Other Stories From the Life of the Star That Powers Our Planet“. 

In his book he talks about carbon dioxide (a term I’m a little familiar with ) and how were getting close to this somewhat magic number of 400 ppm, a barrier in which we will probably break by 2016. Anyway, that got me to thinking how I remembered hearing about that number recently.

Well, apparently not a lot of other people were paying attention either as we find out in this article over at the New York Times by Justin Gillis entitled “Heat-Trapping Gas Passes Milestones, Raising Fears“. So even though Bob Berman talks about the four variables, including carbon dioxide, that affect the earths heat swings (along with the Sun’s irrandiance, volcanic dust, El Nino) , it’s seems that at the moment carbon dioxide has taken the lead in this race.

Not to be outdone however, NASA put together this video last month of the sun compiled over three years. The article is entitled “Sun’s Daily Life Captured in New Video” by Stephanie Pappas over at LiveScience.

Stay tuned!


Green Librarian



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