Workin’ for a livin (planet)

Over the years, I’ve really only had one paying job (and one volunteer job) that were truly green jobs. The first one was my volunteer job working with Earth Day 1990 as the state student coordinator for Missouri and that was a blast! I’ve never had so much fun as when trying to coordinate what was going on across the state with high school and college students.

The other job followed on the heels of that job but it actually paid! I worked as a campus coordinator for the Missouri Public Interest Research Group or MoPIRG. Now that was a much tougher job but definitely well worth it. I truly hope I made a difference in the lives of a few of the students at St. Louis Community College at St. Louis and I know that they made a difference in my life.

Anyway, I came across these couple of articles on some really cool jobs in my kids Xplor magazine from the Missouri Department of Conservation. They include “Wild Jobs: Bat Counter” (in the June/July 2011 issue) and “Wild Jobs: Lizard Wrangler” (in the April/May 2012 issue). Not be be outdone however, we have this recent article which was entitled “You Can Apple to be a Professional Polar Bear Spotter” by Jess Zimmerman over at The Grist from earlier this year.



Green Librarian

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