Getting dirty in the name of science

So the kids and I decided to get dirty this weekend on the road to becoming young (and old) scientist but not in the usual way. Instead of going outside, we actually stayed inside with one kilogram of dirt from the Mastodon Matrix Project.

Now while it’s true that this dirt has been sitting around for quite a while (in our house, as well as, deep under a pond in New York), we finally got around to sifting through it with our hands to see what was in it.

What we found mostly were a few sticks, a couple of possible shells and even some roots or what we hoped were hair. In order to know for sure, we’re going to send it back, as per the instructions and follow that up with filling out the Mastodon Matrix Project Worksheet. So stay tune to see what we’ve found!

And if you want to get involved, then head on over to the Mastodon Matrix Project website or visit the SciStarter website for this and other possible projects. Meanwhile, I need to go back and see if I can find the information I had on a project on Whale songs. After playing in the dirt, I think it’s time we get a little wet!



Green Librarian


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