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Turtle race capitol of the world

Since we’re heading towards the turtle race capitol of the World (Longville, Minnesota) in the morning, to our cabin, I thought I would post a couple of articles on one of my favorite animals, the turtle. I also picked up a cute little toy turtle, our mascot if you will, to ride along with us.

That said, here’s an article on something that all kids have no doubt  wondered about at some time during their childhood. The article is entitled “The Origin of the Turtle Shell: Mystery Solved” over at Science Daily.

I also want to throw in a couple of articles on my favorite of favorite within the turtle family, the Loggerhead. The articles are entitled “Study Finds Loggerhead Turtles Depend on Broader Range of Habitat Than Previously Thought” over at the Environmental News Network and “Nesting Gulf of Mexico Loggerhead Turtles Face Offshore Risks” at Science Daily. Unfortunately, it’s sort of a mixed bag of news.

See you in a week.

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