After the trip

So after the trip, my daughter already had our next adventure all picked out.  We were going to go to their cousin’s house to pick up Lil’ Fluff (our new pet hamster).  Unfortunately without the chance to spend her first night with her best new pet, she was headed back to her mom’s house which in turn left me to care for Lil’ Fluff.

Fortunately for me, she’s doing fine and I even managed to find a book on hamsters over at the library today entitled (what else) Memoirs of a Hamster by Devin Scillian. Talk about a feeling of deja vu. Like us, this hamster also has a “pet” cat and from what I read, the book is a perfect fit. It might actually be a book worth buying.

Sleep tight Lil’ Fluff!


Green Librarian


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