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On the shelf and in the ocean

While I’m not really looking for another book to read, as I’m still slowly working my way through The Mathematics of Life by Ian Stewart, I think I will go ahead and grab another book off my library shelf.

After reading “Young Orca, Crying for it’s Mother, Freed from Bay” and the accompanying video by Pete Thomas over at GrindTV, I’m going to throw Into Great Silence: A Memoir of Discovery and Loss Among Vanishing Orcas by Eva Saulitis into my backpack tonight.

On a bit of a lighter note, when I saw this article over at LiveScience, I was reminded of another book.The article is “First Fossil Whale Poop Pops up in Italy” by Becky Oskin over at LiveScience.

The book is The Sounding of the Whale: Science and Cetaceans in the Twentieth Century by D. Graham Burnett.  One of those books I started but never finished, due in part to it’s length and the fact it was due back at the library.

Sweet Dreams!


Green Librarian

After the trip

So after the trip, my daughter already had our next adventure all picked out.  We were going to go to their cousin’s house to pick up Lil’ Fluff (our new pet hamster).  Unfortunately without the chance to spend her first night with her best new pet, she was headed back to her mom’s house which in turn left me to care for Lil’ Fluff.

Fortunately for me, she’s doing fine and I even managed to find a book on hamsters over at the library today entitled (what else) Memoirs of a Hamster by Devin Scillian. Talk about a feeling of deja vu. Like us, this hamster also has a “pet” cat and from what I read, the book is a perfect fit. It might actually be a book worth buying.

Sleep tight Lil’ Fluff!


Green Librarian

Back at the homefront

After struggling all summer with an overgrown lawn (and again, now that we’ve just come back from vacation), I found this article today on how to change that and you know, it’s looking really good at the moment.

It’s entitled “Arid Southwest Cities’ Plea: Lose the Lawn” by Ian Lovett at the New York Times. Well, I do have some extra dirt and flower seeds, hmm….



Green Librarian

Back from the northwoods

Okay, so we made it back around 3:00pm  this afternoon without catching a single fish (as there was a near total freeze out last winter) on our lake and no ribbons from the turtle race but we did manage to bring back some amazing memories. Here’s one of the sunset on our first night up there.

Town Line Lake



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Turtle race capitol of the world

Since we’re heading towards the turtle race capitol of the World (Longville, Minnesota) in the morning, to our cabin, I thought I would post a couple of articles on one of my favorite animals, the turtle. I also picked up a cute little toy turtle, our mascot if you will, to ride along with us.

That said, here’s an article on something that all kids have no doubt  wondered about at some time during their childhood. The article is entitled “The Origin of the Turtle Shell: Mystery Solved” over at Science Daily.

I also want to throw in a couple of articles on my favorite of favorite within the turtle family, the Loggerhead. The articles are entitled “Study Finds Loggerhead Turtles Depend on Broader Range of Habitat Than Previously Thought” over at the Environmental News Network and “Nesting Gulf of Mexico Loggerhead Turtles Face Offshore Risks” at Science Daily. Unfortunately, it’s sort of a mixed bag of news.

See you in a week.

Crawling along!


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