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Buckminster Fuller & icosahedrons

I have to say until I started reading The Mathematics of Life (which I’m half-way through) by Ian Stewart and in particular, chapter 10 entitled Virus from the Fourth Dimension, I can truly say I’d never heard of Buckminster Fuller nor a Icosahedron (a 20 sided solid).

According to Ian Stewart, it has always played a role in pure mathematics. I guess for me, the only time that I can recall where I’ve seen this shape is the Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

I’ve also since learn that there is at least one other one, this one down in Oklahoma. I went to the University of Oklahoma at Norman so I guess there’s a connection there. You can read about it in the article “Buckminster Fuller-Inspired Gold Dome To Be Preserved As Historic Site in Oklahoma“by Julie M. Rodriguez at Inhabitat.

Now believe it or not, there is also an annual Buckminster Fuller Challenge which you can read about in this article, also over at Inhabitat, entitled “The BFI Announces the 2013 Semi-Finalists for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge” by Morgana Matus.



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