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Skipping rocks on a lazy afternoon


Just this past weekend I took my kids out to one of our favorite places in nature, the Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center and while I usually just take pictures as they come, be it of nature or the kids, this time I took quite a few of my youngest one. In part because he was able to skip a rock for the first time and he was very proud of himself.

So when I read about macro photography today, close-up photography of very small subjects in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size, it peaked my interest. Check out these ten insects, as the article says, “10 Insects Immortalized in Macro Photos” over at the Mother Nature Network.


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What else can a liquid do you ask?

So while science has found a way to throttle the velocity of light back to less than one billionth of its top speed using a liquid, they’ve also found a liquid that is actually more stable than solid crystal. It seems the older I get, the more life gets turned upside down.

The story can be found over at Live Science in the article “Bizarre Liquid More Stable Than Solid Crystal” by Jesse Emspak. Now why the experiment was apparently done with a computer, the next step is experimenting with real materials



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