It’s never to late to start enjoying and/or writing about science

I have to say that when I was younger, the topic of science never appealed to me. Having kids however, changed all that. As I have written about many times before, I really enjoyed helping my kids over the years with their science fair projects.

I think that’s about the time, around 2007, that I started the Green Librarian website and blog. Now even though they decided to stop participating in the science fair as of last year, I still enjoy reading books on a diverse range of science topics. I would also add that science ties in real nice with the environment, the topic closest to my hear within the field of science.

Anyway, one website that I enjoy visiting when looking for ideas on what to write about is Scientific American. They also never seem to be a shortage of articles on science journalism and here is one of the latest. It’s entitled “Young Science Journalists Take to the Zoo” by Alex Jackson over on their @SA blog.



Green Librarian

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