She ran calling wildfire

With Fall now upon us, as it seems pumpkin’s are everywhere now, this article took me back to this past summer and all of the wildfires out west. It also reminded me of the book I read last year “Fire Season: Field Notes from a Wilderness Lookout” by Philip Conners. The article is entitled “Into the Wildfire” by Paul Tillis at the New York Times Magazine.

Meanwhile, I came across this article earlier last month and titled intrigued me. It’s entitled “Experimental Forests Could Lessen Toll of Wildfires” by Tia Ghose over at Live Science. It goes into detail about what scientist know now and how it played into affect during the fires like the Rim Fire in California this past summer.

Then again, be careful what you ask for as Mother Nature will probably just do what she pleases anyway.



Green Librarian


P.S. Yes, the title for this post comes from one of my favorite songs called Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy. It’s a great song!


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