I got this e-mail the other day from my youngest son’s 2nd grade teacher  about how they need to bring a rock to class this week. It seems that they’re going to use if for their geology project.  Despite all the rocks (but no geodes) we have in our house from our walks in nature and our summer vacations up north, it looks like he’s going to take one that my mom has.

It’s one that my dad found one summer and that to me is special because my kids never met their grandpa. Maybe we’ll go find some more rocks this weekend as grandpa’s birthday is this Sunday, October 13th.

So when I came this  article about rocks while cleaning out my backpack tonight, I thought okay, here’s a good idea. The article is actually entitled “Weathering” by Michael Pidwirny over at The Encyclopedia of Earth.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Green Librarian


Yes, it’s also the title of another amazing song, this one by Carrie Newcomer entitled Geodes .


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