Nature & the zoo

So the kids and I have been watching We Bought a Zoo a lot lately. Personally I was never a huge fan of zoo’s but it seems lately that maybe my perspective is changing. I’ve recent written a couple of posts on one of my kids favorite amphibian’s, the hellbender. Both posts, Those other Hellbenders and Hell(bender) of a day  talked quite a bit on how the St. Louis Zoo and Bronx Zoo played an important role in the conservation of both the Ozark  the Eastern Hellbender, respectively.

Which leads to a more somber story on zoo’s. It seems that the zoo in Springfield, Missouri lost one of their elephant zookeepers,  John Bradford, 62 last week when he was crush by Patience, a 41 year old female elephant at the zoo. The story talks about how passionate John was about elephants, working at both the national and international level on elephant managment. The article is entitled “Zookeeper in Southwest Missouri Killed by Elephant” at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Rest in Peace!


Green Librarian

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  1. Loved it and the Zookeeper as well, but for very different reasons!


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