African elephants, come on down!

Okay, so it’s a little corny to use that old Price is Right phrase but since my the original story leads into a video and story on three African Elephants that recently found a new home in San Andreas, California courtesy of the man himself, Bob Barker, then I think it’s okay.

I had already planned to do a post on elephants when I saw an article this afternoon entitled “Zoo Elephants: How Big is Too Big” by David Hunn in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Then while looking for that article online, I came across another article on the St. Louis Zoo and the elephants entitled “St. Louis Zoo Continues to Breed Elephants Despite Protests” by Diane Toroian Keaggy from back in March of this year and that lead me to this article, “3 Elephants from Canada Make Journey to CA Thanks to Game Show Host” over at KCRA television via Yahoo!

Now it’s true that I stated in an earlier post, Nature & the zoo, that my perspective is changing, it’s not changing that much. I still prefer seeing animals out in nature because that’s where they’re home is. In fact, the only reason I wrote the aforementioned post was because of the work those zoos were doing in relation to helping the Hellbender population increase out in the wild.



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