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Missouri’s fall colors

As we approach the time to set our clocks back an hour, it seems as if the leaves on the trees didn’t get the notice. For the trees in our yard, mostly three large silver maples, the leaves are only beginning to change color. In fact, by now it seems like I’m doing nothing but raking and raking and raking.  I guess they’ve just “fallen” behind schedule a little bit.

The one sign I that always signals the coming of fall is when the tree (a big beautiful Sugar Maple) in the neighbors yard across the street has turned yellow. The last I checked, it was beginning to too. I’ll have to take a look tomorrow to see if it has reached it’s peak (and then post a picture).

Since that’s unclear at this point, then I should have known for sure this morning when I came across the article “Fall Color Forecast: Wishy-Washy with Pockets of Spectacular” by Susan Weich at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. If you want to read more about the leaves of Missouri, then check out “Why Leaves Change Color“, put out by the Missouri Department of Conservation. I just came across my copy of the brochure tonight.



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