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Youth hostels back in time

The other day I came across my American Youth Hostel Membership card and stamp book from 1992-93. I also came across my pictures from my trip to Paris and Brussels back when I joined that year. It seems likes an eternity ago.

Anyway, I came across this great article entitled “Basecamp Bonn Young Hostel Turns Vintage Trailers and Railcars Into Quirky Accommodations” by Morgana Matus over at Inhabitat.

It made me wish that was around when I was over in Europe. Anyway, check it out if you get a chance. While I don’t know that I will, I do know that hostels are the best. I also got the chance to use them not only while I was in Paris and Brussels but also in Cape Cod, Boston and even in Copenhagen on my way to Latvia one summer.

Good Stuff!


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