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Citizen Scientist

With fall now here and winter perhaps on it’s way, I’m actually already thinking about spring. Yes, I know I shouldn’t live in the future but what really got me going were my recent thoughts about what to do with a yard that is all down hill.

I’m also thinking about how to finally build a vegetable garden, start some flowers inside so they’ll be ready for next spring and now I’m getting excited for next April’s Amphibian Night with the kids. Anyway, all that has leads me to this article “Be a Citizen Scientist” by Leah Zerbe over at Organic Gardening.

Meanwhile, I would like to give the bird count at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology another try, the kids want to go to the park again this weekend, I need to rake the leaves, etc… Anyway, you get the idea!

Sweet Dreams!


Green Librarian