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Tag, you’re it! (and you and you…)

I guess being a dad of three amazing kids keeps me geared toward activities for kids but at the same time, I’m no spring chicken. In fact, I’m a little past the 50 yard line so when I saw this article this morning in my inbox (courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation), I thought okay maybe I should go ahead and expand my horizons.

Besides, as I’ve been saying lately, that book again (yes, the one entitled “Let Them Be Eaten by Bears : A Fearless Guide to Taking Our Kids into the Great Outdoors” by Peter Brown) has been really helping me to see the bigger picture.

So here’s the article, “Nature’s Benefits for Seniors” by John Carey and as I usually say, it’s well worth read.



Green Librarian

Thanksgiving day menu for citizen scientist

I get lots of e-mails from a variety of groups and one of my favorites is the organization, SciStarter. Anyway, the last one I got was entitled “We’ve created a fabulous menu of Citizen Science projects!“. Now that looks like quite a menu.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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