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Games can be fun

Okay, tomorrow I should be done with my book, so I’m going to do one last post referencing it. I won’t mention the book by title since I have so many times recently (but you can check my previous posts, starting with “To the Great Outdoors We Go” and work your way back) but I have to say it’s been an amazing read.

Towards the end, he talks about childhood games and it’s there that he mentions playing outdoor games like soccer, frisbee, wiffle ball and one called ghetto golf. In essence, it’s playing mini golf with plenty of imperfection, which got me thinking to the number of times my oldest son has asked to play golf in our yard.

So the next time we have a warmish day here, which may not be till spring, we’re going to give it a go. Even if it’s not going out to a park or creek, it is being outside and I think that’s what important here.

For evidence of this one needs to look no farther that this recent article, “The Kids Don’t Play Any More” by Margaret Wente at The Globe and Mail via the Children & Nature Network.



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