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For the birds

So since birds are the center of our attention yesterday on Thanksgiving, I thought I would post a tribute to our friends. In fact, a couple of years ago I read this really great book entitled Feathers by Thor Hanson and ever since then, I’ve become a big fan of birds.

For this tribute, I have two videos that I have come across lately, both in regard to what they do best, fly. The first one is entitled “Starlings Murmurations Create Fantastic Show in Scottish Sky” by David Strege over at GrindTV. David even added some very elegant music to go with what could almost be considered a bird ballet.  Well worth the look.

The other one is much shorter but just as dramatic in the sense that it’s coming right at you and is extremely powerful. It’ entitled “Geese Tsunami in Richmond, Canada” by Maikel Parets over at Yahoo!

Fly away!


Green Librarian