So I just recently posted a couple of amazing videos on birds (see the post For the birds) , I also just started a new book and it’s entitled “Alexander Wilson: The Scot Who Founded American Ornithology” by Edward H. Burtt, Jr. and William E. Davis, Jr. Unlike my last book, it’s a little longer of a read.

After reading the first few pages however, I think it’s gonna be good. When I read this sentence, He also established the first network of what today we would call citizen scientists…, I knew I  was on the right track to other good book.

I also came across this story of a bird in Australia that stole a video camera and in turn, filmed footage of his 70 mile journey. The article and some of the video can be found over at the Grist and is entitled “An Eagle Stole a Video Camera and Made This Cinematic Masterpiece” by Holly Richmond.  So how cool is that?!



Green Librarian

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