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Two of the three R’s

Okay, it’s during these months that we should take time to remember the things we are fortunate for and two times that I remember well are my trips to Paris, France and Budapest, Hungary with family and friends.

So in the spirit of those times, these two articles are stories that reflect well on two beautiful cities. The first one is in regard to the city of Paris and their recent renovation of a rail station while the second one is an amazing gift giving Christmas tree in the city of Budapest.

The first article is entitled “Renovated Paris Rail Station Will House 1000 Start-Ups” by Bridgette Meinhold over at Inhabitat. While I’m reasonably sure that it’s not the one I visited when I was in Paris, it sounds terrific. One of my fondest memories there is of going to get a reservation at a small hotel just after we arrived and then adventuring out to go and find it.

The other article, on the city of Budapest, is all about Christmas. It’s is entitled “Budapest’s Spectacular Christmas Tree made of 365 Sleighs That Will be Donated to Children in Need” by Lidija Grozdanic, also at Inhabitat. Nothing embodies the holiday spirit better than the gift of giving and after having watched my kids sled down our drive way this weekend, that’s what it’s all about.



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