Cats & dogs or dogs & cats

So as soon as I came across this article, “What Dogs can Teach Kids” by Pete Nelson the other day in an old copy of (the now defunct) Wondertime magazine , I was reminded of a couple of other articles.  One was on cats and one was on dogs.

To make the story more complicated, my kids have dogs with their mom and a cat at our house, with talk of getting a second even though I would rather have a dog.  Confused!? Me too!

Since it’s sort of still Christmas around here as  the tree is till up, I thought I would post three articles here (since I have three kids), two on dogs and one on cats. If I do get a dog, it will probably a Newfoundland. They’re great with kids as we had two when I was younger.

The first one is the aforementioned one on what dogs can teach kids. The other two are on the domestication of cats and dogs. They are “Cat Domestication Traced to Chinese Farmers” and “Domestication of Dogs May Have Elaborated on a Pre-Existing Capacity of Wolves to Learn from Humans“, both at Science Daily.

Chow (or meow)!


Green Librarian



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