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The question is, what’s behind the winds?

Okay, today’s word(s) of the day are “polar vortex”. It’s the terminology that all of our local weather stations are using to describe what caused this sudden dip in temperatures. So being the good research librarian that I am (and since I’m off today), I did a little digging around. First I re-read a  couple of recent articles I posted last month in “The arctic ice stirs the world“.

Then I did some more digging and came upon this article entitled “Melting Arctic Ice May Lead to Severe Weather Changes” at SciTechDaily. It goes into great detail how the weakening polar vortex up in the arctic affects the jet stream which then allows the colder air to dip so far south.



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Howling winds tonight

When I think of the howling wind outside, I’m taken back to the sound of a howling wolf. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a wolf sanctuary somewhere up in southern Indiana with an amazing old friend of mine who passed away several years ago, Bob Yorko. So when saw this article the other day in our local paper, I thought of him.

The article is entitled “Illinois Preps for Possibility of Wolf Population” by Michael Tarm at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. These days I think now of taking my daughter to our local wolf sanctuary here in St. Louis, the Endangered Wolf Center. If you have the same plans buat don’t know where one is, check out this article over at Inhabitat entitled”How to Find a Wolf Sanctuary Near You and Meet Some Wild Wolves” by Jill Fehrenbacher.

Sweet Dreams!


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