What to read?

So, I’ve started several different books lately but haven’t found that really grabbed me. I was reading Alexander Wilson : the Scot who founded American ornithology by Edward H. Burtt, Jr., but since the biographical part ended early on, it just sort of fizzled for me and since it’s due back soon, I need to return it but I may try again later to finish it.

More recently, I’ve been reading Why birds sing : a journey through the mystery of bird song by David Rothenberg but again, it just hasn’t sold me. Perhaps another one to try later. It’s actually the first book in a sort of trilogy by Mr. Rothenberg.

I  started reading the last book in the group first , Bug Music: How Insects Gave Us Rhythm and Noise, but then decided to go in order. You can read about all of them on his website.

Now however, I think I found one. It’s entitled Naturalist at Sea: From Dampier to Darwin by Glyn Williams. If you want to read a review on it, you can go over to Science News to read a book review by clicking here. I just requested it at the library and so I’ll keep you posted.



Green Librarian


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