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Heading up north

I know it’s not time yet to start planning our trip up north, but when I saw this article on a small town in Minnesota near our family cabin, I thought I needed to post this. The article/video is courtesy of channel WCCO 4 News in Minnesota and the story is entitled “Finding Minnesota: Ghost Town Comes Back to Life“.

By the way, the town is named Emmaville, so if you know someone named Emma, have them stop by and they can even get their picture taken. You can also see what’s going on by visiting their homepage, the Emmaville Store or their blog entitled “Rediscovering Emmaville“.



Green Librarian


Looking down the river

To continue along this path our water and our rivers, I recently watched a really good show on my local public television channel (KETC) entitled Water Matters: People, Lands, Economies.  It actually aired last Thursday but continues on with the conversation up till Earth Day, April 22nd.

They mentioned several rivers in fact and one of them was the Meramec River, where the kids and I have visited several times this year. So I thought I would post another one of my daughters pictures here. This is one looking south out over the river.


This is also where we usually end up looking for cool rocks while my older son and I tries to skip some of them across to the other side. Of course, we never do.



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