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Scratching the surface of the earth

When I came across this picture over at the New York Times, in the article “A Sunken Kingdom Re-emerges” by Katrin Bennhold, I knew I had to write about it:


Okay, so they’re just tree stumps but they’re tree stumps in Wales, which is where some of my family comes from. What it reminded me of was a picture I took last summer in St. Louis of some other tree stumps:


In addition, the article regarding the tree stumps in Wales talks about how amateur archaeologists (citizen scientist, if you will) can help scientist learn more about places like this.

I also came across another article today, this one at Yahoo! asking for the same help. The article is entitled “Swiss Urge Glacier Hikers to Look for Artifacts” by John Heilprin via the Associated Press.

One possible reason for this, climate change. As the earth warms up, some places that were once buried are now beginning to resurface. So calling all citizen scientist! Your help is needed.



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