Monarch’s on the move

This summer, after I turn the kid’s old sandbox into a planter (by default because I couldn’t dismantle it completely), we went down to our local market and picked out a milkweed plant. Not really thinking, we put it smack dab in the middle and so we then scattered some various flower seeds around that but unfortunately they didn’t survive. It maybe because most of the seeds were quite old.

So just the other day, when my son and I stopped home, we saw we had a visitor. A giant monarch butterfly had come to visit and have a snack. Now while the larger stems were already past their prime, there were several smaller sprouts that were still in bloom.

To make a long short (or to attempt to anyway), here’s an article over at the Environmental News Network that talks about what many feel needs to be done to help them. It’s entitled “Monarch Butterflies Need Endangered Species Act Protection” by Alicia Graef via the Care2 network.

You can also always plant a milkweed and then maybe you too will have a visitor.



Green Librarian



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