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Science fairs and volcanoes

I have to say that I learned about lava tubes from my now fifteen year old son. When he was growing up, he loved volcanoes and consequently I learned to love them too. In fact, it was during this time that he participate in our local science fairs and of course, he chose volcanoes like Mt. St. Helen and  Mt. Vesuvius.

Anyway, when I saw this story over at GrindTV, I knew I had to post it. It  also reminded me of a book I read a couple of years ago entitled Subterranean Twin Cities about the caves of the twin cities.

The article I’m talking about is entitled “Stunning Photos Taken of Secret Lava Cave” by David Strege at GrindTV. It’s about the lava caves located in the state of Washington. The photo’s are breathtaking.



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