A, B, Sea…

If we started making a list of the sea’s around the world, we would obviously start with the letter A and so that would include both the Aral and Arabian. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end today.

This first article I found over at the New York Times in entitled “A Green Blanket on the Arabian Sea” by Sindya N. Bhanoo. It shows us that the Arabian Sea has a huge green blanket on it, thanks to a winter bloom of phytoplankton.

Now I guess the good news is that at least there is water. According to this article on the Aral Sea, “The Dried-Up Aral Sea is Now a Post-Apocalyptic Playground” by Liz Core, the opposite is true. Looking at a satellite images from 1989 and today, it is now just a fraction of the size.



Green Librarian


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