Glaciers & ice

It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without reading about climate change. Just check out the evidence provided by our melting Glaciers in the article “What Happens with all the Organic Carbon Released from Melting Glaciers?” by Florida State University courtesy the Environmental News Network. And if you think this hasn’t happened before, youContinue reading “Glaciers & ice”

As the nights get brighter

I get planet guides from time to time courtesy of the great people over at Earthsky and usually I just sort scanned them over but this month (after seeing the “January 2015 Guide to the Five Visible Planets“) I actually got some great glimpses. I might have even seen Saturn. First on my metrolink rideContinue reading “As the nights get brighter”

These buffalo are so cool

Okay, so there’s no snow here and my daughter is very upset about that. She got a new sled for Christmas and she’s never had the chance to use. The buffalo are one of my favorite animals and they’re not here either. Still, it’s a cool story. Check out the article entitled “How Bison SurviveContinue reading “These buffalo are so cool”

Great Lakes, here we come (this summer)

Since this year’s family vacation will now include a stop to the city of Duluth, home of Lake Superior, I thought I would post a couple of articles I’ve come across on the Great lakes recently. The first one is entitled “Lake Erie dead zone increased drastically by 2012 drought” at the Environmental News NetworkContinue reading “Great Lakes, here we come (this summer)”

Two for one

As the author of two blogs, this is the first time where I’m actually going to use the same post both here and over at the Autism Librarian, courtesy of the Children & Nature Network. The article is a blog post entitled “Accessible Outdoors: Kids with Social, Emotional and Physical Disabilities Go Outside” by KathyContinue reading “Two for one”