Belated Earth Day

Well, needless to say my Earth Day was a little busy. Filled with work and kids but none the less I did come across this article over at the New York Times entitled “Over Ever Green World” by Natalie Angier. I guess for me it pretty much sums it up.

I do plan however to get my kids out this weekend as there is our local Earth Day celebration over at Forest Park, my youngest son mentioned wanting to go to Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park, there’s an Arbor Day celebration at Longview Farm Park where my daughter wants to go volunteer to help with the horses on Sunday and my oldest son wants to go to Jefferson Barracks (yet another St. Louis park) so we’ll no doubt be busy.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, hopefully (rain permitting) we’ll be going on our annual trek to Amphibian Night at the Jay Henge Shooting Range (I know, what irony). So happy belated Earth Day!



Green Librarian


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