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Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo, where art though?

Okay, so who is this Romeo that I’m talking about? Well in my case it’s the wolf in the book I was reading (until my daughter started reading it) entitled A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans.

That said I was reminded of Romeo when I started reading this article, “Some Germans Really Are Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” by Andrea Thomas over at the Wall Street Journal. Some perceptions never change.



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Finding the perfect rock

When I came across this book over on the Rosetta Stone’s blog at Scientific American, I said I need to read this book, even if it is a kid’s book. After all, I have three kids.

The author gives us ten rules so they can find the perfect one. We’ll this is something my kids and I have been doing since our first trip to our cabin in Minnesota.

The article is entitled “A Perfect Book for Hooking Kids on Rocks” by Dana Hunter. I’ll keep you posted on if my kids like it.



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Road trip

Now back in my day, a road trip was something you did for fun and not necessarily far away. For the Blackpoll Warbler, this is really not a road trip or one that they take for fun, instead it’s a migration journey.

The article is entitled “Tiny Songbird Tracked Across 1,700 Miles of Open Ocean” by Wilson Ring at the AP via the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.



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National Parks

Okay, I admit that we don’t visit National Parks often but the one we visit every year is Itasca State Park at the Mississippi headwaters in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

I have to say that it’s given us some great memories like when we released a small wooden boat down the mighty Mississippi River to when a stranger gave each of my kids a marble as a sort of memorial to her brother who passed away and then told us how she had been doing this across the country to when my kids created imprints of leaves with the park staff. Great Memories!

So check out this article entitled “National Parks Call on Americans to ‘Find Your Park’” by Brett Zongker at the Associated Press via the Star Tribune. Also visit the Find Your Park website.

Here’s to the National Parks!


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