Nature (and libraries)

As someone who has tried to introduce nature into my kids lives whenever I’m given the opportunity, both as a parent and as the green librarian, these couple of articles hit very close to home today.

The first one hit really close to my childhood, especially when thinking about how different my kids childhoods have been. When I was a kid, we frequently would go to our nearby woods whenever we were given the chance and always stayed out until it was getting dark.

My kids unfortunately haven’t really had that chance. What we’ve done instead is visit our local parks and each summer headed north to our cabin in Minnesota while always stopping by the headwaters of the Mississippi river. This article brought back all of my memories of that cabin.

The article is entitled “Do you carry a special outdoor place in your heart?” by Katherine Martinko at Treehugger. The best part is that while I have my memories of that place, the kids are building their own memories in the same place. Good stuff!

The other article, hits close to home in regards to my profession, as well as nature. It’s entitled “WELCOME TO THE NATURAL LIBRARY: The Essential Role of Libraries in Creating Nature-Rich Communities” by Richard Louv over at the Children and Nature Network. After all, this is the green librarian blog. Check it out!



Green Librarian

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