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Starring at the kitchen table

I am actually sitting next to my kitchen table right now and looking at it reminds me how tight my food budget is most of the time. Sitting on the table are hamburger and hotdog buns from this weekend and that it turns reminds me that I need to use up the food I have left over from this weekend before it goes bad.

This afternoon I had the last piece of quiche I made on Friday along with the last hamburger from July 4th. My plans for tomorrow are to have the corn that’s also from Saturday and to use up the rest of the ground turkey to make a couple more hamburgers for lunch. The hot dog buns will be thrown in the freezer. I’m also going going to make some egg salad to use up more of the hamburger buns (again, with the rest going in the freezer). Now where was I?

Oh year, the article that I read today is entitled “Change your shopping habits to reduce food waste” Katherine Martinko over at Treehugger. Thankfully, I try and do this though with three kids, it’s hard sometimes.



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