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Fire & smoke

So for most of us, going to work means getting dressed, making a lunch and perhaps taking a backpack or brief case. In the case of a Smokejumpers, it’s a little more complicated.

Now I’ll be the first to say, sometimes we need to let mother nature take her course but I also think that sometimes they are needed. Unfortunately this article isn’t available online unless you have a subscription but it’s a great read. The article is entitled “What to Take Along to Get a Jump on Forest Fires” by Hilary Potkewitz over at the Wall Street Journal.

Or you could go to a public library like I did. Anyway, it’s a great read. For a little more information on what they do, visit the U.S. Forest Service website.



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Biking through Paris

Okay, I’ve been to Paris and I’ve definitely biked but never have I biked in Paris. That said, it seems like Paris is way ahead of us when it comes to biking and the roads.

The city I live in has some bike roads but the one thing I’ve noticed is that not everyone reads the directions the same way. To stop or not to stop at a red light, signaling to turn or even which side of the road to bike on.

According to this article, “City of Paris to let cyclists go through (some) red lights” by Lloyd Alter over at Treehugger, the Parisians are making an attempt. At this point, I need to make an attempt to get my biking working again. The last time I road it was probably sixteen years ago, the age of my oldest son.



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