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Dogs & Wolves

I took the day off today, a mental health day as it were and so my main objective was to clean out the backlog of newspapers sitting on my closet shelf. I would have mowed the lawn but it was near 100 degrees outside and so inside it was.

Anyway, I came across this article from a couple of years ago entitled “A Dog That Goes Way Back:” by Jack Hitt over at the New York Times. It immediately reminded me of the book A Wolf Called Romeo by Nick Jans that I started a while back (and my daughter even read for a while) but unfortunately I peeked ahead and the ending wasn’t what we hoped it would be.

The article however, is a good read and one that definitely adds to my knowledge of dogs. I might have to show it to my daughter as she loves dogs and continues to look for a way to get me one. Unfortunately I’m gone nearly twelve hours a day and that makes it impossible as far as I can tell. Just don’t try telling her.



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