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Zebras at the science fair

As I’m sure I’ve talked about before, many years ago my daughter did a science fair project entitled “Black with white stripes or White with black stripes“? Since then, I always had an affection for zebras and so when I came upon this article on the Grevy’s zebras, I knew I needed to post it.

The article is entitled “Devil Tree Threatens the World’s Rarest Zebras” by John R. Platt over at the Extinction Countdown blog at Scientific American. Here’s hoping someone will come up with a solution to help our dear friends.



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Damn the dams

I’ve always been in favor of dam removal  and so when I read this article over at the New York Times entitled “When Dams Come Down, Salmon and Sand Can Prosper” by

Action for Orcas: Support an Executive Order to Remove 4 Snake River Dams over at the Endangered Species Coalition’s website and I thought here’s another excellent point to make on bringing down those four dams. Down with the dams!



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Last night and last week

When I read this article tonight, I was reminded of both last night and last week. Last night because we had some storms roll through that while we didn’t get the brunt of them, I was amazed at how much change lightning can produce.

Last week I read an article to my kids before our trip to Minnesota entitled “50 Crazy-Wonderful Things about the Earth (and Its Creatures) to Be Grateful for!” from Maria Rodale and number one was that there are 8.6 million lightning strikes in a day (and when lightning strikes, the air around it gets five times hotter than the sun!).

This article showed me just how much of an affect lightning can have. The article is entitled “Lightning Can Warp Rocks at Their Core” by Elizabeth Goldbaum at LiveScience. How cool (or hot) is that!



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P.S. While this isn’t a rock that was struck by lightning, at least I don’t think so, I just like how it has holes in it (courtesy of the lake at our cabin in Minnesota).