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Monarch Madness!

So I did an earlier post entitled Monarchs and citizen science and I have to say it was a success. All the kids had a great time. My daughter and I even caught a Monarch or two. I caught one (which had already been tagged) but my daughter caught two (neither of which had been tagged).


Since she was veteran with the second one, they let her tag it herself. Meanwhile my youngest son had a great time learning all about butterflies while my other son just liked hanging out. I also e-mailed my daughter some pictures so she can show her science teacher. A good time was had by all!



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Sun tornado

Okay, those are two words I would never have thought to put together. It seems that back in early September there was a tornado on the sun that was 5 million degrees Fahrenheit and that spun nearly 10,000 mph.

You can check out the whole story over at GrindTV in the article entitled “Tornado that is 5 million degrees rages on sun for 40 hours” by . All I can say is Wow!



Green Librarian