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I’m lichen this

Okay, that’s the best I could do tonight on an article about lichens. It seems that unlike in other countries, the lichen (or moss as it’s more commonly known) in Japan is becoming a tourist draw. This according to this article over at the Wall Street Journal entitled “Japan Takes More Than a Lichen To This Green-Tourism Trend” by Eric Pfanner. I actually have some moss growing myself in some of the cracks of my driveway.



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Sheep dogs & penguins

Another one of those times where the two topics appear to have nothing in common. I do however remember this story from sometime ago and so I was pleasantly surprised to read about it again.

The article is over at the New York Times and is entitled “Australia Deploys Sheepdogs to Save a Penguin Colony” by Austin Ramzy. The dogs remind me of our family dogs, Megan and Toledo, both Newfoundland’s. They were just great dogs and very loyal to family.



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