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In the backyard

Now I was going to include this article in the previous post but I thought then I wouldn’t have been able to sign off with good-bye in Swedish and I loved doing that.

So here we go with what to do when my kids are grown with this big beautiful greenhouse? Well, since I won’t need a lot of room, I’ll just build a tiny house in the backyard.

Sort of like the one in this article entitled “Get charmed by this woman’s self-built 150 sq. ft. home (Video)” also by¬†Kimberley Mok over at Treehugger. As a librarian, I must admit it was all of the books that got my attention.



Green Librarian

Home sweet home

Tonight I sit here in my bedroom typing away with the reason being that it’s warmer in here than in most of the rest of the house. My kids can attest to that.

So imagine my surprise when I realized what I should do is just build a greenhouse around my existing house. That’s what this couple in Sweden did.

You can read all about it in this article entitled “Couple surrounds eco-home with greenhouse to keep it warm (Video)” by Kimberley Mok over at Treehugger.

Interjektion (good-bye) !


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