Where’s the snow (or frost)?

So far this winter here in the Midwest, we’ve had zero snow and little frost and from the looks of the forecast into next week, there’s none on the horizon. All we’ve gotten so far is lots of rain.

Up north, there is also concern but it’s about a loss of whats called permafrost, the frozen soil that can stretch as much as 650 meters below the tundra’s surface.

With the warm weather there, it’s beginning to melt and because of this, there have been multiple studies on the subject. This according to the article entitled Five new studies that change our understanding of permafrost” by Krista Langlois over at High Country News.

For more information, check out the article entitled “The chilling science on Alaska’s melting permafrost , which is on one of the studies.

Stay tuned!


Green Librarian


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