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Candy the hamster

This morning wasn’t the best morning in our household. Candy the hamster passed away. She’s my daughter’s pet and unfortunately she was at her mom’s house this morning, so she doesn’t know yet. She was a beloved pet in our house. One of two, along with Oreo, our black and white cat.

While I know I will always have my favorite animals, to me they are all special. As I said to Candy this morning when I discovered she was gone, Sweet Dreams. We will miss you.



Green Librarian

Songbird forests

Now I’ve talked about forests and even unseen forests (of trees), but never have I read about a forest of songbirds. If want to you learn about these forests, check out this article over at the Mother Nature Network entitled “‘Songbird Forest’ expands to save species” by Russell McLendon.

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Green Librarian