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Nature, play and pause

Reading this article tonight took me back to some of the activities the kids and I have done over the years. We’ve done Monarch butterfly tagging, Amphibian Night, Owl Prowl, just to name a few.

In fact, tomorrow, the kids and I are going to Raptor Night (which we did once before) over at one of our local parks to check out some of the local birds here in the Midwest. We’re also hoping to maybe see one of our old neighbors because they had a couple of hawks that they use to take to this show back then.

We’re also going to check our a nearby river, the Meramec, this weekend. When it rain for three straight days here in Missouri, some of our local rivers flooded, including this one. From what I’ve seen, it’s taken back a little of the area and I’m curious to see what’s changed.

Now with all this said, we’ve also done less of this but that’s in part due to the fact that they’ve also started to find their own interest and for me that was hard. It took a while to adjust to that but, I’ve come to accept it, we just do less. I know they still all like nature and I just want to make sure we take that time now and then.

Sweet Dreams!


Green Librarian