Birds in flight

I had no idea that I would be writing this post tonight about birds. I simply sat down to watch television and as they say, the rest is history. First, I watched a PBS special on the Passenger Pigeon entitled “From Billions to None: The Passenger Pigeon’s Flight to Extinction, a film by David Mrazek and Joel Greenberg.

What surprised me was, that among the people they interviewed in the film, was a gentleman from the Lost Bird Project. A few months ago my daughter found an origami passenger pigeon in an old magazine which she was using for a school project and was nice enough to give it too her younger brother. After he was done with it, it I got in touch with the group who created that origami bird and it turned out to be the Lost Bird Project.

The next thing I know, I e-mailed them to see if we could get some more of the paper birds (which we were able too). I also ended up getting my son a really cool t-shirt of the passenger pigeon. After I finished watching that show, next up was of course, the Lost Bird Film. What a great night of television!



Green Librarian

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