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M & M’s

If you’re like most people, when you see the word (or letters) M & M’s, you think of candy. For this post however, we’re talking about Milkweed and Monarchs. This past spring I cut back the milkweed plant in the front yard and while I probably shouldn’t have done it, thankfully it came back.

So when I came across this post over at Treehugger, I immediately thought of our milkweed plant, along with a picture I have (and recently sent to a friend) of the kids and I  at a Monarch tagging event we went too and where my daughter tagged a few monarchs.

The article and video are entitled “The indescribable beauty of monarch butterflies filling the sky (video)” by Melissa Breyer. Hard to believe that this is where the Monarchs we tagged were headed too.



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