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VIA Rail Canada and Trans Canada Trail

Back when my oldest son was still quite young, I acquired a videotape of the VIA Rail Canada train and I must admit, I rather enjoy it as well. It’s about a train that runs east and west, from Toronto to Vancouver, Canada.  I still think it would be something fun to do one day with him and maybe all of my kids.

Anyway, I recently came across an alternative route that is a little more environmentally friendly, called the Trans Canada Trail. All told, it runs over 15oo miles, starting in Newfoundland and stretching west across the great white, as well as, north to British Columbia.

The article on the Trans Canada Trail is entitled “World’s longest car-free trail stretching 15,000 miles to open next year in Canada” by Tafline Laylin over at Inhabitat. Something tells me if we do one, it will probably be the VIA Rail Canada. At least it’s still environmentally friendly in that it’s public transportation.



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