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Forest language

Now if watching the trees in the forest change colors isn’t your think, then how about the language of the forest? Okay, it isn’t quite what it seems. As a history buff, this article on what the author describes as a language as old as the Vikings, peaked my interest.

The article, entitled “This forest language from the age of Vikings may soon disappear: Elfdalian is spoken by less than 2,500 people in Swedish town.” by Michael d’Estries over at the Mother Nature Network, is really about the people who live in this part of Sweden and the language they speak. Cool, at least to me!

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Forest colors

So over the last couple of weeks, since the kids and I took a walk in Russell E. Emmenegger Nature Park, I’ve been keeping my eyes on the changing color of the leaves and I must say, so far there’s been little change. Then the other day I came across this somewhat older article entitled “Why Fall Colors Are Different in U.S. and Europe” by Andrea Thompson over at Live Science.

What I actually found most interesting are the reasons behind why the colors are different. How the ice ages, as well as the (you guessed it), the migration of plants and animals played a role in all of this.



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